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Earn Rebates on Your Travel

Book your own travel through our Club's associate travel agency, Gateway Travel, and receive a 50% rebate of the agency's net commission.

Select from 100s of suppliers.

You pay the $20 one time membership out of your rebate, so you have no upfront cost to join.


Book Hotels, Cruises, Tours, Cars, Travel Packages, and Travel Insurance.

I was bitten with the travel bug when I was very young. My parents took me and my siblings on trips across the country and I have been to every state. Also I've been to over 20 countries and I plan on more!

I thought that if did the travel planning why shouldn't I receive a rebate on some of the travel commissions. This is why I started the travel club. You can enjoy the benefits of travel planners including group leader


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I have many favorite places that I have visited so I hope you book some of yours.

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